Apparently I am poor….

My dad has been having troubles with his telephone line (figures, he deals with Telus.  Yes, i hate them!) His home phone line went dead on friday. A telus repair person went to his house and “fixed” the problem.  Well, about 30 minutes later it went dead on them again.  During that time my dad had used my cell phone to communicate with Telus, because he didnt have a phone to call them. So yesterday while i was at work i got a call from Telus telling me that they were going to send someone over there again.  Last night i gave my dad a call to make sure that everthing was okay with his phone.  Everything was and my dad told me that a government cheque had come in the mail for me.  WHAT???  Government cheque????  MONEY????  That the government is giving moi??? Can this be true?  So i hoped in my car and drove my ass down there to snatch it up, before it was realized that there had been some terrible mistake that had taken place.  Turns out it is an Energy Cost Benefit.  I guess I am either considered poor or maybe it is the fact that I am a single mom.  Either way I will gladly take their $250.00, that definatley made my day! 🙂 

 P.S.  Also I have not posted anything about the Canucks…..and see what happens?  They have won the last two games (ever since I stopped posting about them)  Coincidence?  I think not!!


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