Nothing to Wear

Yesterday after work I decided to take my new found riches, well some of them anyway, to the mall.  Neil and I are going to Nickelback on Friday nite so I wanted to get something new to wear.  Preferrably a new top, as I am sick of the ones that I do have.  I was at the mall on Saturday, as I was getting my speakers installed in my car, and I went in to get my nails done.  While I was there, they had a sidewalk sale on and there were so many good deals, hence the reason why I wanted to go there yesterday.  So i go, and is the sale still on?????  OF COURSE NOT!!  Why… ask?  Well the reason is quite simple…….because I had some extra money, and wanted to go treat myself!  So I walked around the mall for about 1 1/2 hours not really finding anything that interested me.  I did however end up buying a pair of jeans, which I totally did not need to buy, as I have enough pairs already, but I guess that’s the way shit goes sometimes!  Aaarrrggggg!  So now I am pretty much in the same position that I was before I went to the mall, and that would be…..What the hell am I going to wear to Nickelback?


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