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Last night Neil and I went to the Nickelback / Live show at GM Place with a couple of his friends. It was the first time that I had seen either of the bands play and they both sounded really good live. Between bands we went and had a few drinks at the bar (in GM Place) and then after the show we went to the Cecil, to watch some strippers. Good times. I normally would have been drinking beers, but Neil and I have this little thing going that I cant drink beer and he cant drink Pepsi for 3 months ( yes he loves his pepsi, probably more than I love beer), so I was drinking these cider things last night…….and man, I’m not feeling so shit hot this morning! Oh well, had a good night, I downed a few tylenol, I’m startin to feel better! To see some pics I took at the show go here.


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