Get Your Vote on…..

So today is the big day for the election. I hope that everyone takes the time out of their day to go and mark their ballot.  I havevote.gif already gone and placed my vote,  I decided to go early this morning before work, as to avoid any line up’s later on tonight (I get off work @ 5:00).  I must say that I was thinking of voting for one particular party but in the past couple of weeks my mind was changed and I ended up voting for my second choice.  The only thing i will add to that is that I did not vote for the Conservatives.  So, there!!! That’s all I’m saying!

On a different note….damn those Seahawks played hawks.jpgan amazing game.  They made Carolina look like a team that didn’t even deserve to be playing in the playoff’s.  So it’s off to Detroit to play Pittsburg for the Superbowl.  Here’s hoping that they win that game as well!


 And I must also ad that the Canucks played great as well on Saturday against Montreal.  Totally and completely kicked their ass!! 


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