Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning up the apartment. Yes, there is still a ton o’ shit that I still have to do today, like laundry and cleaning up our bedroom, but I really don’t feel like spending the whole weekend cleaning. Know what I mean? So anyway, I went and rented a movie, totally and completely forgetting the fact that the Canucks were playing. So the movie ( Red Eye) had to wait until after the game was done.

So back to the Nucks @ Colorado……..those fucking Americans should really just get over that whole Bertuzzi thing! I was getting so sick of them booing him every single time he skated out onto the ice, or touched the puck. I was really hoping that he would score a goal just to piss them off! And then that stupid fan that threw something at him, and then didn’t end up getting kicked out? Yeah, that was pretty fucking classy. Maybe they should worry more about what their stupid fucking president is up to in the middle east. And then to top it all of, in the last 4 minutes of the game, when the Canucks were winning 3-2, CBC loses the feed, and the screen goes blank. AHHHHHHH!!!! So i sit there for like 3-4 minutes waiting for the game to come on, and when it finally does, there is like forty some odd seconds left in the game and Colorado had scored, it is now 3-3, and we have to listen to their fucking commentators. I was not too impressed! But, the best part of the whole game was that nobody scored in overtime and then along comes Mr. Ruutu in the shootout, with a goal, to win it for us!! Ha ha ha, that sure shut them up!


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