First and foremost, I want to thank Donncha @ Word Press for fixing my blog for me! Lots of smiles and thank you’s go out to him. 

Now to the real reason why i am writing this post…….and you might want to grab a beverage and a comfy seating postion cause this is going to be a long one.

Quite some time now, I’m talking a few years here, I have dealt with Fido as my cellular company. I never really had any problems with them until recently. You see, the account is not in my name, but the person who’s name it is in, has called Fido to tell them that I am the one who is paying the bills, and that I need to be able to have access to the account. So evereything was fine, whenever I called them up for whatever reason I didn’t seem to have a problem once I gave them my name, and they saw that I had access to the account.

Then I decided to order a new phone and give my old one to my daughter, and that is when all this shit started happening, and I’ve had nothing but problems since then. The “new” phone that I ordered is a piece of shit, it works occasionally, meaning that it freezes on me all the time, people try to call me but my phone doesn’t ring (have actually had someone call me to see if me phone would ring, and it didn’t), and when I try to call out, every single # that I call rings busy. The only way to fix this problem when this happens is to turn the thing off and then turn it back on again. When I call Fido to complain and tell them that I want a refund and a totally different model of cell phone (because I have exchanged it, and the second phone, of the same model, does the exact same thing), they tell me that I have no access to the account and that I have to get the account holder to call in, but when it comes to paying my bill, suddenly my name magically appears on the account.

To top it all off, my daughter goes and loses the phone that I gave her, yes, my old phone that worked perfectly fine. I cant fucking believe this shit. So now I am paying for two cell phones under contact for another year…….one that doesn’t work properly and one that is lost. This is a message to anyone who is reading this, seriously consider choosing another cellular company if you are even thinking of the possibility of joining with Fido, or Microcell.

I’m sure that in the future I will have more to say about my dealings with Fido. Stay tuned…….



  1. You’re very welcome, glad I could help!
    (Oh, and I’m a guy!)


  2. okay now i feel like a complete moron, sorry about that! but yes, you help was much appreciated!

  3. note: the correction has been made! LOL!

  4. I started using Fido’s service when I came into Montreal in august of 2005. I bought a phone at full price and set up a monthly plan that I could cancel anytime since I was a student at the time, and I felt it would beneficial to have that control. Everything was fine till the phone I bought broke in November 2006. I was currently working on a project with a client ( I do visualizations in 3d) and it was important that I keep in contact with them. I went to there local branch and asked for a new phone and the representative told me that she will use the “Fido dollars” in my account so I could pay less for the phone and still have my old arrangement. I left Montreal 1 week later out on business, my brother used my phone while I was gone. I returned to Montreal (tired) in January, and my phone wasn’t working, so called and paid the bill, (here is the fun part) so I paid it quickly with my visa and asked the representative why I received a letter from Fido outlining a “contract” that I never signed physically on paper nor did I agree verbally. Fido claims I entered a “legal contract” that I never saw with my own eye’s nor one that was presented to me at when I ordered my phone. I called them again since I filed this complaint with them, and there representative said nothing was done about it, so I told the second rep the same problem and she argued ” you have a legal contract” and I replied, ” I don’t have a contract, that’s a lie, I never signed anything nor did I agree to it verbally”. So the rep told me her supervisor will review this and call me back in 72 hours. Nothing. I call again to check with them, and I get the same story about having entered a legal agreement.

    If anyone has a back round in law, do I have a case in the fact that I never signed a document to the effect of a contract with this company. If I refuse to pay Fido, what can this company do? I need help.



  5. angus frederick Says:

    Not only will they rip you off, when you are able to chase them, look forward to the TWO HOURS that I spent trying to reclaim $70.00 this morning. 0730-0930 pst 31 Jul 08. They said fifteen minutes, after my cell batteries ran out I was already on my landline. I finally gave up after two hours, waited another ten minutes at 1640. Then finally reached Peter at 1705 and he tried to pay me off with 50% because “I was too late”. Hah fido IS A DOG!!

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