I don’t know about you but I was cheering for the Seahawks. In fact I have been all season, and then came yesterday, time for the big game. Neil and I went over to his friends place in Abbotsford to watch the game, his friend has a big screen tv (hee hee). I couldn’t believe how one sided everything seemed to be. The ref’s, the commentators, even the amount of Steelers fans that were there. There were so many bad calls made against Seattle, it seemed like everyone had decided before the game even started that Pittsburg was going to win. Seattle played so damn good all season, they deserved to win the Superbowl.

Okay……that’s it…..I’m over it.

Except for the fact that I have been hungover all fucking day long, and no matter how many advil I take this bloody headache does not seem to want to go away. You see, I was allowed to drink some beer yesterday (as per Neil & my little dealio with the beer and pepsi thing), so stupid me goes and drinks like 8 of them and yeah……now I feel like shit.

Neil and I went to the Monster Trucks on Saturday night, as planned. It was pretty entertaining. I’m so glad that he scooped some ear plugs from his work, cause holy fuck those trucks are loud! They had quite the assortment of things going on, there were guys doing crazy shit on street bikes, some kids in these cool ass go kart thingy’s racin around the track, dirtbikers doing jumps, and these cute little remote control trucks. It was quite fun!

TARA 153.jpg

TARA 106.jpg


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