Go Canada!

Congratuations to Jennifer Heil, winning Canada our first gold medal in the olympics so far, for freestyle skiing. The Canadian women’s hockey team are also kicking butt, with their win yesterday, 16-0, against Italy. And this morning they are playing Russia, and are already winning 7-0 and it’s at the end of the first period!

**UPDATE: Canadian women’s hockey team, wins 12-0 against Russia!

~On a different note, rented the movie Lord of War , with Nicholas Cage last night. I am not a very big Nick Cage fan, but Ethan Hawk was in it, so that balanced things out. It was a decent movie, even though it was about arms dealers, seeing as how I am anti-war, but I still found it to be fairly good. It was worth the $2.50 I spent to rent it, LOL!


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