The Harsher Side of Life, Right There, at 7:58 in the Morning……

This morning, while I was on my way to work, I decided to stop at the local 7-11, and grab a cup of Java.  On my way out of the store, a woman came up to me and asked me if I had any spare change……

Now before I seem like a complete asshole, I want to make something very clear….

I have seen this woman, totally covered in scabs, around town on so many occasions begging people for money.  I have also seen her totally out of it, stumbling down the road, so fucking high, on god knows what, that I have felt sorry for her.  Meth has become a serious problem in many communities, and I am not going to support someones habit.  If she was hungry, and needed money for food, I would have tried to help her out, even though I am not very “well off” myself.  I am not, on the other hand going to offer up some cash to someone, so that they can call up their dealer, and get their next fix. 

So when I came out of the store and she asked me for money, I said “sorry I don’t have any”.  Does that make me a bitch?  So be it.  I would rather say no and make it just a little more difficult for her to get her next high. 

I believe that people can change, no matter what their situation is, they just have to want to.  In the last two years I have quit smoking and gotten myself out of a really bad abusive relationship, and I know that might not be considered the same as a drug addiction, but let me tell you it is really fucking hard to do.  I still, to this day get cravings for a cigarette, and I’m sure that won’t ease up anytime soon, but I truely do not want to smoke anymore, so I don’t.  You just really have to want to change.



2 Responses to “The Harsher Side of Life, Right There, at 7:58 in the Morning……”

  1. I agree with you. That does not make you a bitch. And I believe too that people can change but that they have to Realize and often can’t do that by them selfs. Depending on what the situation is ofc…

    & yeah I hate this place lol but I have to fill my life with things I enjoy and love and it will make it easier.. till I have an oppertunity to go someplace else =)

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