Home Sweet Home

Yep I’m back, from the hospital. Everything went pretty smoothly. I was kinda scared when I got there. I had never had any kind of surgery done before and had never even had a local anesthetic. The hospital staff was really nice and they treated me very well. That anestheic shit is pretty cool! I need me some of that on the nights when I am having trouble sleeping, LOL! Just before they put me to sleep the anesthesiologist said to me “your going to start to get sleepy” and I was thinking to myself “yeah right” and I was totally trying to fight it. The last thing I remember was him saying “have a good sleep”, and that was it. The next thing I knew, he was waking me up. It all seemed so fast. When they woke me up, they were taking the breathing tube outta my throat. Fuck that hurt! One of the first things I asked , after I woke up, was “what’s the score in the hockey game?” Ha ha ha. The nurse went to the lobby and checked the score for me and it was 2-0, for Canada. (I was a little pissed when I found out that I would be getting my surgery done, at the same time as the gold medal game!) Anyways that nurse was pretty cool, because she kept coming and updating me on the score after that. Neil finally came and picked me up after they said that I was okay to go home. To be honest with you, I feel pretty good today. I am in not much pain at all, the only thing that really hurts is my throat.


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