Ahhh Yes……Back to Work

Yes, I made my way back to work today, which is really kinda funny cause it is Thursday, so I only have to work today and tomorrow and then I get the weekend off.  But it has been fairly crazy today, making me want to be back at home.  I have had to repeat myself so many times today it’s not funny, and of course, every single annoying person that could possibly call has called today.  I just don’t understand why some people think that they know it all, when they don’t really know anything of what they are speaking about.  Maybe if they spent a little time listening, then they wouldn’t have to waste so much time and energy blabbing on about things that they obviously know nothing about.  I will give you a prime example of this…..

One of the manager’s at my office, is a female, but her name would typically be a man’s name.  So when some people call and ask for her, at first they think it is a man, and get confused when I try to explain that he is really a she.  Are you following me?  So this person calls today and asks for “her” by name, and when I say “she is away from her desk right now, would you like her voice mail?”  they start freaking out thinking that I am some stupid idiot, that can’t seem to possibly comprehend what they are trying to tell me, and that I am  trying to put them through to someone who they don’t want to talk to.  Then I explain to them that that person is actually a female, and they start arguing with me that that person can not possibly be a female, and that I must be mistaken and that they have spoken with him before.  Let me clarify something……. there is not, nor has there been a man by that name working in any part of this office, and expecially in that department.  She, the “female” has been working here for 25 years, yes, maybe she does have a man’s name, and maybe she might have a deeper voice then your “average” female (personally I dont think so, I clearly think that you would know that she is a female when talking to her on the phone), but you would think that I would know cause um…..yeah I work with her everyday, I know every single person who works in this fucking office by name, and um yeah, she is a very good friend of my dad’s,  and the one who got me the job here in the first place, so I think I would know if she is a she and not a he.  Don’t talk to me like I am some stupid fucking moron cause that will really get you no where, and really you are the one who doesn’t seem to know what the fuck they are talking about, so dont try to pin your stupidness, and unwillingness to listen on me.



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