My Fido Woes Could Possibly Be Over; But Really…..I Doubt That Very Much

I finally got me a new cell phone, the one I had was a piece of crap. It seems to function properly, which is nice. Ahh…..gone are the days of having to turn my phone off and then on again, just to get it to work, because it froze on me. And gone are the days that I would get so stressed out and frustrated with my cell phone, that I wanted to throw it against a brick wall, but realized that I couldn't, cause then I would have no phone! I do like my new phone, but I really do not have Fido to thank for it. You see, with the peice of crap LG phone that I had, I paid like $80 for it (or something like that), and I had problems with it from day one. I called Fido atleast seven times to complain about it and to tell them that I wanted a refund and a new phone sent to me, but they did nothing about it. So finally, I called them up and basically told them, that if I did not get a new phone, I was going to smash the LG one, and that I had come to the end of my rope with it. So what did they do? They offered me a new phone, but of course I had to pay for it. Well gee….thanks so much! I could have went out and done that the day after I received the shitty one. That really wasn't the point (of me just being able to go buy a new phone), the point was that I had bought a new phone and it worked like crap, and I wanted to be compensated for the fact that I had spent money on something that didn't work properly. But I guess they did not see it that way, or just don't give a fuck. Probably both! Oh well just one more reason why not to deal with Fido. My contract is up in one more year with them, and I can't wait for the day that I call them and tell them that I am switching to a differnet cell company. Hopefully they will ask me why…..If so maybe I will just give them this blog address and they can figure it out for themselves! Read the categories on the right hand side…..fuckers! LOL!


3 Responses to “My Fido Woes Could Possibly Be Over; But Really…..I Doubt That Very Much”

  1. Fido is simply the worst customer service in the industry.


  2. I totally agree, I have had nothing but problems with them, and I glad to find out that I am no the only person who feels ths way.
    Thanks for the visit!

  3. angus frederick Says:

    Two Hour wait this morning before I gave up! At first the nice man said that it was about a fifteen minute wait. I put my speaker-phone on and waited. It kept saying “Sorry for the wait” until I gave up TWO HOURS LATER! (THURS JUL 31 0730-0930 pst) Just a 20.00 discrepancy that is now going to be 20.00 + 2.5 hrs and I do not expect satisfaction. (why? – fido thats why!)

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