Totally smashed my knee on a concrete floor, and it doesn’t feel too good.  I was on my way out the door to go grab some stuff that I needed at the store and totally tripped and fell on my knee.  You see, there is a door that leads to the parking area in our building and outside that door there is a rug that is glued down to the concrete, except of course in one corner, where the rug has come undone from the glue.  So yeah, that’s what I tripped over, causing me to loose my balance and therefore landing on my knee.  Which I might add is now totally swollen and bruised.  Well atleast it was me and not some poor little old lady, which we do have a few, living in the building.  That is totally not safe, and the next time I see the landlord I am going to mention that to them.  And then to make matters worse, our elevator has been broken for the past two days, so now I have to walk up and down two flights of stairs with a swollen knee.  We also have a few people that live in our building that are in wheelchairs, so who the hell knows how they are going to get around.  I can’t stand it when people don’t do their jobs properly.  I have to do mine properly or I will get fired.  Why is that not the case for everyone?


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