Just One Teeny Tiny Little Minute Late, And I’m Screwed……

Every morning I drive my daughter to school and then drive to work straight after dropping her off.  We usually leave at 7:45 am, which gets her to school early (but she doesn’t care cause then she can hang out with friends) , and gets me to work about 15 minutes early, so that I can check my email’s and stuff before I have to start work.  Well, I have come to learn that leaving at 7:45 am sharp is crucial, as to the amount of time that I end up sitting in traffic on the Lougheed Highway.  You see, even if we leave a couple minutes late, I end up totally fucked, to the point where I am either going to be late for work, or really pushing it.  This morning as I sat there on the highway that had transformed itself into a parking lot, the song “Big City Life” came on, and as I sat there listening to the chorus, I thought to myself, well……isn’t that ironic?


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