I dont know what is going on at WordPress, but I just published a post, and when I went to go view my site, all my posts had disappeared. I then went to go check out the forum page, to see if there were some more problems going on with the site, and there was this letter lookin thingy that was basically saying the the server of the site was down, in kind of a sinical way. Very strange…….so I logged out and went and did some work for a bit, and now I am back, everything seems normal, but I did notice that the wordpress homepage is currently down. So I am going to now try to plublish this post and see if it works……fingers crossed……

Updated: Okay so that worked…but I wonder what happened to my other post? Weird….oh well, it was basically just about the fact that it is snowing outside right now and how it is really pretty and how I like the snow and Bla Bla Bla……it wasn’t really all that important anyway, but I wonder if it is floating out there some where in cyberville? I can get to the forums through the feedback link but there is no mention of what just happened. I posted a thread, so hopefully someone out there in the wordpress community will answer my plea’s!!! I’m scared! 🙂 JK!


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