Why Can’t We Have Snow Days in the Adult World????

It snowed again last night.  Strange weather for Vancouver……to see snow in March….not very common.  But it is really pretty, and I really don’t mind it at all.  The roads aren’t bad at all…..the weather man is obviously trying to freak everyone out…into thinking that the conditions are horendous…but really they are not too bad!  People just need to use a little common sense that’s all, and not go speeding around when there is slush on the roads. 

Remember the days, of being a child, waking up to a white snowy morning, then anxiously listening to the radio or the news…….just hoping that they would call out the name of your school as one the schools that would be closed due to the recent snowfall…….why can’t that apply to adults?  Hee Hee!




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