How Many Brains Does It Take To Assemble An Ikea Bed Frame?

About 1-2 months ago, Neil and I were looking around Ikea and we came across a bedroom set that we both really liked. So we decided that we would, together, buy piece by piece, until we had the whole set.

Today, Neil and I were walking around the mall, and Neil suggested that we go to Ikea and have a look around at their “as is” section (where, at times you can find some really great deals). We ended up spotting a    King size bed frame  from the    “Hopen”    collection, the same bed set that we had seen and both liked. So Neil decided to buy it, as it was $160 cheaper than buying it at the regular price.  The only problem with it was that it had a teeny tiny dent at the bottom of the headboard, you can barely even see it, and when the mattress is on the frame, it is completely covered. We brought it home and realized that the assembly would not be as easy as it really should have been. After inserting tiny little metal things into holes so that screws could then go into those tiny little metal things, (if you have ever bought anything from Ikea that requires assembly, you know exactly what I’m talking about), we finally figured out the basic “frame”. We then came to realize that we were missing, I would say, the most vital piece of the whole construction…..the main support beam, that pretty much holds up the entire mattress. After searching endlessly around the apartment….looking to see if maybe by chance the piece was somewhere hidden under the pieces of cardboard box that were flung all over the hallway, we realized that we were definatly missing “the” piece. So I called Ikea, and explained that we were missing a piece to our bed frame and that there is no way in hell that we are going to disassemble this frame that we had now been constructing for almost 2 hours, to return it, and was politely told by the customer service lady to just bring in our receipt and explain our problem….

Off we go back to Ikea….when we get there we were told that the “vital” piece of the construction of this monstrosity that is now our bed frame, is a item that you have to purchase separately from the bed frame itself. Yeah…some kind of mention of this on the box of the bed frame would have been a good idea…..seeing as how any mention of this was in the assembly instruction manual, which I might add…..was tucked away inside the sealed box. Anyway after stopping by the beer store to grab a six pack of beer each, to avoid us from completely going insane…we ended up finally getting everything together….of course….not without a few extra screws and bolts….LOL!

But I must admit that the new bed frame looks very nice!


8 Responses to “How Many Brains Does It Take To Assemble An Ikea Bed Frame?”

  1. After going through the nightmare known as the Hopen bed from ikea..i googled it to see if i can find any stories similar to mine. And i found your blog:) I am not sure if this is the same bed we are talking about…but the metal support beam WAS included in my boyfriends set at no additional cost. Other than 4 of the little wooden things that goes in the holes to connect the frame that were missing (forgive me i forgot there names) which resulted in a trip to bunnings, our metal support beam that goes down the middle sits 2 cm HIGHER than the frame itself…so when we layed down the slats finally at 11pm after a grumpy days work..we were playing see saw. Packed our clothes and stayed at my house…the bed still sits in his room incomplete none of us want to look at the thing again.

  2. @ Natalie

    We still to this day are having problems with ours. Just last week my bf got up for work, and went to sit on the side of the bed, the wooden slats gave loose and his side of the mattress fell to the floor. We just left it like that because it was 6:00 in the morning and we didn’t feel like dealing with it. But later that night when we went to go to bed we realized… damn… we have to fix the stupid bed. You would think that Ikea would have come up with a better design plan. Thanks for your visit! 😀

  3. Bob-o-licious Says:

    Yeah, when I talked to the Ikea rep. to order my Aspelund bed, she was good enough to explain how important that center rail is.

    Those X-supports on the bottom are really badly shown in the instructions…I did stumble on a good RL picture of them though:


  4. Assembling a bed is not that hard. You need two people and about couple hours. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire out for less than $100.

  5. I am royally pissed right now. This fucking thing is fucking impossible to fucking assemble. Everyone here must own a drill because it is not possible to get beyond the frame assembly without one. Attempts to use a screwdriver will result in stripped screws: Either I got a lemon or you need to be a superhero to put this thing together. I want to take a fucking hatchet to this piece of shit. Fuck you IKEA.

  6. bed frames that are based on steel would give you a more durable bed and a bed that last longer ‘-,

  7. we would usually buy our bedroom sets from the local retailer which also offers free delivery ;~`

  8. The mid-beam support (Skovar is the part name) is common to all the beds. What gave you the trouble was probably that you bought it in the As-Is section. When you go to the floor to look for beds, they list all the parts one needs (typically the frame, the support, and the slats).

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