Warning: This May Just Be Addictive….

Over the past few weeks I have come to realize that this whole blogging thing can be quite addictive.  Especially if you are a blogger who updates your blog everyday, or every other day.

I don’t necissarily get a whole lot of traffic here, and rarely does anyone ever leave a comment….but I do have to admit that I enjoy posting my thoughts or daily happenings and love my WordPress blog.

I will, however, be taking a little rest from blogging, as we will be heading off to Vernon for the weekend.  But I will be back posting away sometime next week.


2 Responses to “Warning: This May Just Be Addictive….”

  1. I totally agree…I have about mmmmm 3 blogs going on right now…and dammit is it ever addicting! There’s something almost narcissistic about seeing your thoughts published on a website. Same with Flickr…oh well…I’ll keep on doing it! Glad to know someone else out there can’t tear themselves from the screen!

  2. Well atleast I’m not alone….
    Thanks for the visit!  🙂

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