Back From Vernon….

We got back from Vernon this afternoon, the trip went pretty good, and the roads were fine for us on our trip there and back. 

We arrived in Vernon at around 9:00 on Friday nite. My daughter’s team had played 2 games by then….one of which they had won, the other they had tied. So they were in pretty good shape by the time we had gotten up there. We really didn’t do too much on Friday nite, just had a couple of beers with another couple, whom I know from the Ringette team. On Saturday morning our team had a game against Prince George, which we lost….they were a really good team…..they were really strong, and had alot of good skaters. Next we played Westside, which is Westbank (Kelowna) and we lost to them as well…..putting us out of the tournament for a medal. Oh well…I guess you can’t win them all! We had a fairly decent time there though, and it was nice to get out of the city. I had never been to Vernon ….so it was also nice to visit somewhere that I have never been to before. Saturday nite the team ordered some pizza and we all hung out in the “Common Room”…..a room that one of the father’s had rented for the team/parents to hang out in. 

The hotel that we stayed at had a “Business Room”, with computers and the internet.  I could have done some blogging from there, but the possibility of even getting into the room let alone the chance to use the computers was pretty slim……we were in a hotel filled with 12-14 year old girls!  They only time I found the room empty was at 6:00 am on Sunday morning…I quickly checked my email and my bank balance, and then was soon accompanied by a girl from one of the Ringette teams…….so I figured I was lucky to have been able to do that, and quickly left before more arrived.

I have posted some pics of the trip on My Flickr , and have posted some here too……..

Team Pic Vernon, BC.jpg

This picture is of my daughters Ringette team at the Provincial Tournament in Vernon, BC. 

This pic I took of the Rocky Mountains on the Coquilhalla Hwy……so beautiful!!

Coquilhalla Drive 4.jpg

Another picture of the Rocky Mountains while driving on the Coquilhalla Hwy.

This pic I took on our way out of town.  There was this lookout point along the highway…so we stopped and I took some pictures.

Hotel Vernon.jpg

This was the hotel we stayed at while in Vernon… was quite nice, the room was great, nice and clean….no complaints!


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