Sometimes The World Can Be A Teeny, Tiny Place….

I woke up this morning at 5:45, as I wanted to go to the gym before work.  As I lay there in bed trying to wake up…I started thinking about where everything was that I needed to take with me.  Seeing as how we were away for the weekend, I couldn’t remember where my gym stuff was.

For example:   water bottle, sports bra, baseball cap…and my gym pass.

I normally keep my gym pass on my key ring, because it’s just easier for me to carry around at the gym.  I had used my keys the night before to pick up my daughter and I could not remember seeing my pass on my key ring.  So I get up…out of bed, and find my keys.  Sure enough…it’s not there.  Great! 

I make my way to the gym, and ask the guy at the counter if anyone has turned in my pass, because the last time I was at the gym, I had it.  So I thought that maybe it had slipped off my key ring there somehow.  He said “Well, go workout and I’ll have a look around for it.”  I then asked him…”if you can’t find it can I you print me off another one?”  He tells me that there would be a fee, for the new card.   So whatever….if I have to pay..I have to pay, what can I do right?

After working out…I went to the front counter again, just to see if maybe he had found my old pass, and there was a girl behind the counter, along with the guy that I had talked to earlier.  He was busy with someone else though.  So I explained my problem to the girl, and she asked me my name.  She then asked me if I had gone to Linclon Elementary School, which I did.  Turns out she is this girl Jennifer that I went to school with, and was friends with, way back when.  I wouldn’t have even reconized her.  So we chatted for a little bit, but I couldn’t stay for long because I had to get to work. So I told her “well I guess I will just have to pay for a new pass”….and she was like….”don’t worry about it, I’ll just print you off a new one.”   Ha Ha Ha!  That’s pretty funny!  The guy didn’t look too impressed.  The funny thing is, is that every morning, when I had left the gym, she was always at the counter and we had always said goodbye to each other,  both of us totally not even knowing who the other was. 


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