Bite my Tongue? But…..What If I Don’t Wanna?

Some people are just plain rude, and at times it’s hard to ignore that.  I work as a receptionist.  I answer hundreds of calls a day, and I am supposed to be professional and polite.  Don’t get me wrong the majority of the people whom I talk to during the day are quite pleasant.  On occasion I come across someone who is not so pleasant. 

The company that I work for has many different offices in the Lower Mainland and across BC.  The circulation department, at the office that I work at, deals with circulation issues for seven different cities. The point I am trying to get at is that there are many people calling here, from many different cities and I don’t think they realize that I am not situated in the city that they happen to be situated in.  Anyway, this lady calls and asks if we are our competitor’s newspaper.  I tell her no, we are not that newspaper.  She then asks if I have the phone number to our competitor’s paper.  I politely tell her, (and I’m serious when I say that, I was not bitchy at all), “I’m sorry, we are not affiliated with that newspaper, and I do not have that information.” She then decides that she is going to become a full on bitch, and very rudely tells me “Well, maybe you should have that fucking number” and then hangs up on me before I can apologize for not being a walking, talking phone book.  What I really felt like saying to her was…."Look bitch, No,  I don’t have the fucking number for our competition…they are our c-o-m-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n, I don't  readily give out their phone number.  If you are having problems with your delivery of their paper, get off your lazy ass and look up their telephone number yourself.  You didn't seem to have any problems finding OUR number.  Is it my job to respond to your every little whim?  No, I don’t think so. So instead of wasting my time and yours, maybe you should handle your own problems like a big girl and just take your little hissy fit elsewhere. 



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