Movie Night? Hmmm….quite possibly!

UPDATED:  Went home after work last night, and realized that Survivor was on, so I didn’t bother to go and rent a movie.  Then at 8:00 pm, when Survivor began,  I found out that the episode they were showing was a repeat from last Thursday.  Arg!  I should have just gone and rented a movie…oh well. Such is life. 


I’m thinking that I might go and rent a movie tonight.  I’m not really too sure what the “new releases” are at this very moment.  I do know that “The History of Violence” is out on DVD, so maybe I’ll rent that one. I have heard some good and bad reviews…but I try not to listen to those.  I have in the past, heard reviews for certain movies, and then watched them and found my opinion to be quite different than everyone else’s.

I have also been waiting for “Munich” and “Syriana” to be released onto DVD… who knows, maybe I will find that one of those two movies are now out. To tell you the truth, I haven’t stepped foot into a video store in about three weeks!


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