OMG… must be a Monday.

I think Mondays are like a transitional day….going from the weekend, to the daily grind of the "work week". Personally, and I have stated this before on this blog, Mondays should be included in the whole weekend package. Sometimes it seems to take myself (and some others, I might add) a day to get back into the whole daily routine of things. This morning I woke up 15 minutes earlier than normal. I wanted to get to the gym a little earlier so that I would be able to work out a little longer. Well that whole idea blew up in my face when I got stuck by a train for 5 min. So I ended up getting to the gym at the same time that I would have if I would have just left at the "normal" time.

While driving my daughter to school, I swear everyone must have been smoking crack this morning……I encountered a guy driving on the wrong side of the road…yes! driving down the wrong side of the road… I slowed down, thinking that he wanted to maybe get into the "correct" lane for the direction that he was travelling, but no, I was mistaken. He wanted to drive on the wrong side until he reached the next street that he could turn left at.

And to top it all off, before I left for work, my cat, Mister Kitty ….who normally is a very good cat…I love him very much….took a crap on my black rug in the hallway. What the hell is up with that? He has never done that! Never! I can't even remember a time when he was a kitten and him doing that. So yeah, there I was at 7:00 in the morning cleaning up runny, smelly cat shit off my rug. Yum! I then jump into the shower as it was getting pretty late in the morning, and then my boyfriend leaves without even saying goodbye to me! ARG!

The above events are just more evidence of why there should be manditory 3 day weekends.


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