Gotta Love The Government…..

Back the fall of 2003, I was involved in a car accident, I ended up spending a week in the hospital, with a lacerated spleen, internal bleeding and a broken bone in my hand.  In the summer of 2005, after suing the insurance corperation, I finally got a settlement, but not without paying almost $20,000 in lawyers fee's.  When I went to pick up the cheque at my lawyers office, he informed me that they were obligated to charge Provincial Sales Tax on their fee, but that I would be able to get a rebate of the total amount that I paid in PST.  The amount of the sales tax that I had paid was just over $1000.  I was under the impression when I left his office, that I had to include their reciept with my 2005 income tax return.

So when it came time to do my taxes, I brought the reciept from my lawyer, stating that I had paid the Provincial Sales Tax on his fee….H&R Block informed me that I had to file an application  seperatly with the Consumer Taxation Branch to recieve that rebate.  They gave me all the contact info that I needed.  So I went online, downloaded the form, and mailed it out. 

It has now been six weeks since I mailed out the application, and I could really use that money… I gave them a call yesterday to find out what was taking so long.  Well it turns out that there is a "review" being done on the whole PST rebate issue.  There is a court case pending and all applications are being held until there is a outcome in the case. It's all there…right on their website……oh wait….that is of course, if you can understand all the legal mumbo jumbo.  I called my lawyer to find out what the hell is going on.  They told me not to worry, because of the fact that I make under a certain amount of money per year….I should not have any problems getting the PST refunded.  So I call the Consumer Taxation Branch again today to let them know that I am in fact POOR, so that I should be able to get this money refunded.  They tell me that it doesn't matter…..the government has now decided to hold ALL applications until the outcome of the trial.

 What they are really trying to tell me is that the government is screwing everyone equally, no matter how poor you are.  The fact that I was injured in an accident that was totally and competely not my fault is not good enough, now they are going to take away my rights and make me pay provincial sales tax on those injuries.

Isn't that just lovely!


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