Search Engine Terms….

I dont know how long I will keep this post up….I may end up deleteing it but I thought it was kinda funny….

Here at WordPress, when I go to the "dashboard" of my blog, I can click on a page that is called "blog stats".

This is quite the nifty little page.  It tells me how many visitors I had for the day, and previous days, which sites (if any) people clicked links on to get to my blog, most popular posts and there is also "search engine terms"…..which are searches people have done on search engines, like google/yahoo, and have found my blog that way.  Well today I was on there checking out my stats, and saw that someone had found my blog by typing "if I fuck ass, any problem?".  What the hell?  I dont remember that post, LOL!  Anyway I just found that to be quite comical. 😉


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