Glitch in My Sony Cellphone????

Awhile ago I recieved a new cell phone after having so many problems with my old phone (see previous posts here & here). I have been using it as my alarm clock to get up @ 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym before work. This morning I did not wake up until 6 am, and wondered to myself why did my alarm not go off?

I grabbed my cellphone, that was sitting on my bedside table, and started to investigate as to why the alarm had not rang. I had not made any changes to the settings, so it should have gone off. I went into the alarm settings…..everything looked good there…set to go off at 5:30 am every morning from Monday to Friday. I then went to the calander option and realized for some reason my cell cellphone thinks that it is April 1, and yes the year is set to 2006! It is showing that the month of March has 31 days in it, but for some reason the calendar is saying that March ended on Thursday.

This has me very perplexed, because even if today were April 1, which of course it is not, my cellhone is still acknowledging that today is a Friday. And my alarm is scheduled to go off Monday through Friday. The Friday boxed is checked. I have no idea how I fix this problem, if it is even fixable.

Very strange indeed!


I was able to fix this problem….I had to go in manually and change todays date back to March 31. I don't understand how or why it changed on its own, all iI know is that if this phone better not start acting at screwey on me cause I and sick and tired of trying to deal with these crappy phones that I keep getting from Fido. If this is the case I am seriously going to loose it on them.

And the Fido saga continues…….


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