Sushi Bar, Crappola….

I had a really bad craving for sushi today, so I figured I would go get some on my lunch break. The staff in the advertising department at my work, highly recomend this one particular sushi restaurant. They are always raving about it….saying that they have the best sushi in town.  I had tried in the past, once, to go eat there but they were closed at noon on a Tuesday!?!

So I decided to go there and get a take out order, and drive (the whole 5 minutes) home and eat there. Well…..I go & order and end up sitting for atleast a half an hour….waiting for my food. And it's not like I ordered a whole shitload of stuff. I ordered 1 roll, and an order of tempura.

I finally got my food, and had to race back home and scarf it down to make it back to work in time. And to tell you the truth I didn't think the food was all that great, the tempura was crappy, and I now to top it all off I have a stomach ache.


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