Beware of The Sneaky Travelling Salesman…….

I will start at the beginning…….

Last week I received a call at my work, regarding ordering some new yellow pages for use in our office.  I ordered five copies, and was told that they would send them out.

Now to the interesting part…..

Today, a man came into the office, and said that he was there regarding the phone books.  So I figure that he is there to deliver the phone books that I had ordered the week before.  My phone starts ringing like crazy, so in between answering calls…I am also trying to deal with him.  He hands me an invoice to sign…which I do…and then he goes to walk out the door.  I put the call that I was on, on hold and say to him "excuse me…are you not supposed to be delivering the yellow page books?"  he then tells me that the company will mail them out.  So I ask, "well what did I just sign for then?"  He then says that he has dealt with this company for five years, but this is the first time he has seen me…..and that the invoice was for having our company name, address, telephone # ect.  in their book.  I guess I must have looked confused because he said "Here, I will give you my card, just incase there is a problem" and then walks out the door.  Leaving me there……confused with my phone still ringing like crazy, and wondering  who the hell this person was and what exactly did I just sign for, and why I did not recieve a copy of the invoice.

So I talk to my manager, and give her his card….she said she has never heard of the company.  Great!  So I spend my whole lunch hour stressing out thinking that I have totally just made a huge mistake. 

When I got back to the office I talked it over with this woman that I work with, and she said not to worry about it, that if it turns out to be something that we are going to be billed for….the company will just not pay for it, because of the fact that I am not in a job position that entitles me to make those kinds of decisions.  WHEW! 

And to the sneaky little bastard salesman…….what poor business practices you have…..lying and cheating your way into getting a new account. 


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