The Kids Aren’t Alright……

(yeah I took that from the Offspring song, hee hee)

I found myself wondering what the hell is up with SOME of the youth these days.  I have a 14 year old daughter.  She is a pretty good kid….sure sometimes she has listening problems, sometimes she forgets to call me and tell me where she is and what she is doing, and at times she does have an attitude…but then again, she is a 14 year old teenage girl…..I would think that all of them do.  She has a tendancy to loose things  IE:  Cell Phones (make that 4), Ipod (thank god that it wasn’t me that purchased it cause I would have lost it!!!)  but atleast she is not out there doing some of the stuff that other youth seem to be doing.   Some of these “kids” seem to have no respect for anything or anyone anymore.  They don’t give a shit about anything…….some don’t even respect life!  I have read so many stories in the local news…..involving youth….breaking into businesses, vandalizing other peoples property, beating people up, even stabbing and killing a local teen.  When will they realize that it’s not “cool” to act like that?  What will it really take to for them to realize that they are heading down “the wrong path?”

Today at my work a mother called in wanting to speak to a reporter because her son had been severely beaten at a gas station in Coquitlam by some guy that he did not even know.  She wanted the story put into the local paper to make people aware of what IS happening in the community.  She said that her son is now afraid to even go out at night because he is scared that he is going to get beat up again.  I don’t blame him…..wouldn’t you be scared too?


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