I May Have Been Duked……Or Then Again….Maybe Not……No One Really Knows For Sure!!!!

This is a continuation of "Beware of The Sneaky Travelling Salesman"……

So I just may have been conned by that sneaky salesman, or maybe he just saw an opportunity to take advantage of a busy receptionist….who knows.  Supposively he is going to come back in at the end of the week, to speak with the publisher.  But nobody seems to know who the hell he is and he has told myself and my manager that he has dealt with the company for five years.  Very strange!  The main thing is that I am not in trouble…..the publisher even had a very similar story to tell me of another situation which involved a very sketchy salesman.  Anyway, it will be very interesting to see if this guy actually comes back in or not.

UPDATE: The guy came back in today (April 6).  It was quite funny, he had the paper that he had me sign in his hands and I could visably see him shaking.  Anyway, he spoke with the publisher, and was told that we will not be doing business with him. Awe…too bad!!


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