They Are Definatley Not The Lords In My Land…….

Problems seem to be never ending in this apartment that Neil and I are living in.  We have been there since August….and the list is getting long……

~Our fridge was leaking for months….finally, they had someone come and fix it, after I complained atleast three times.

~Our kitchen sink started to leak. Water everywhere, all over the counter top and dripping onto the floor.

~Someone broke into the main storage room, and into everyone's individual storage "lockers", prying the pad lock of our door.  This was due to the fact that the landlord did not lock the main door of the storage area.  Thankfully nothing of ours got taken, as we had alot of camping equipment in there.

~Our mailbox got broken into.

~Several times we have come home to find someone parked in our PAID PARKING STALLS.  When this was mentioned to the landlord, nothing was done.

~I almost broke my freakin kneecap tripping over a loose corner of a carpet that is not glued down properly, in the covered parking area.  I have seen a few people trip on this same piece of carpet, but they seem to refuse to fix it as it is still like that.

~And finally…..our bathroom ceiling has been dripping water on and off since we moved in.  I have mentioned this to the landlord, he blamed it on the tenants above us….saying that "their kids must be filling the bathtub too full, and water is getting on the floor."  His suggestion was that the next time it happens, to go up there and tell them that water is coming through the ceiling.  UM……SINCE WHEN IS THAT MY JOB?????  Those tenants have since moved out and it is still happening.  I take a shower before I come to work every morning, and for the last three mornings I have had cold water dripping from the ceiling…landing on my head. 

I am getting really sick and tired of always having to complain to these people.  I do not want to be considered a "bitch" for always having to complain, but these are not petty little complaints.  I can not stand it when things are not the way they should be.  I pay monthly rent, which I might ad has NEVER been late, and they have NEVER had any problems with us.  We are good tenants….we both work, we don't make alot of noise,  we do not do drugs and we pay our rent on time, every time.  Why can't people just do their jobs properly…….if they can't do it properly then get the fuck out….or you will loose every single "good" tenant that you have….including myself.


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