There May Just Be A “Perfectville”……

On Friday….as I was lying in bed, watching some TV…I came across this travel show.  I have no idea what the show's name was, but there was this woman travelling around Florida, staying in hostels, and pretty much discovering the entire state.  It was actually quite fascinating, she discovered some very interesting places.  During her travels, she made a stop at Walt Disney World, which of course would be a very popular tourist destination……and then she visited a town named Celebration.  It was developed by the Disney Company in 1994, and I swear…..this place is too perfect, it's almost freaky.  Everything looks wonderful, everyone's pleasant, the houses are all beautiful, with perfectly manacured gardens and lawns.  I googled the town to find out some more information about it, like how someone would come to live there.  There is a "contact us" link on the site, where there is what looks like a "application" form…..asking where you come from, if you have children…blah, blah, blah.  (I would like to point out that Canada is not even on their little list of places….where you could be from, but then again "Quebec" is!) But seriously…..I'm not looking to move there, I just thought it would be interesting to see how hard it would be in "get in".


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