And A Little More Bad Luck……

I can't quite figure out what the heck I could have possibly done in this lifetime to continuously recieve buckets full of bad luck…..they constantly seem to fall at my feet. 

I was driving home today, while on my lunchbreak, like I do everyday, when this older man drove his car into the passenger side of my car.   He was trying to exit a parking lot onto the street that I was driving down, and apparently didn't see me because he drove right into my car.  We both pulled off into the alley, and I got out to have a look.  Luckily there does not seem to be any damage.  There was a couple of very nice guys, that had seen the accident as they were walking down the sidewalk.  They stopped to make sure that I was okay.  Just to be on the safe side I took down the drivers license plate number and other info, just in case anything is damaged.


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