Cancelled Shows……

Matthew Good announced on his website that the April 18, Victoria show and the April 19, Nainimo show will be cancelled.  Apparently Matt has the flu. 

I am supposed to be attending the April 20, Vancouver show, which is tomorrow night,  I am hoping that it will still be on.  The last time I saw him at the Commodore in November, he was sick as well, but put on one hell of a show.  It seems that he leaves his hometown dates for last….and after travelling the countryside, meeting and greeting fans, he ends up sick for the Vancouver shows.   😦

Well I am hoping that he is feeling better after some rest and will still be playing tomorrow night.  If he is…..I'm sure the show will be great! 


2 Responses to “Cancelled Shows……”

  1. Linked to you from the blog…

    That being said, your post has brought back a lot of memories for me of high school. I haven’t heard Matthew Good in such a very long time. I think I’ll go pull out an old cd now! Cheers


  2. @ Logan:
    Thanks for the visit, hope you enjoy the tunes! The show was amazing!

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