The Saga of The “Missing” Fido………

I have recently found out that my daughter has "misplaced" her cell phone.  This is not the first cell phone of her's that has gone "missing", I believe it is the 5th…..(I think….there have really been too many to keep track).  I have told her that I am not going to buy another one….if she wants a cell phone she is going to have to buy a "pay as you go" one herself, with the money that she makes from her paper route.

The only problem that I now have is…..the cell phone that she lost was on a 2 year contract through Fido, and there is still just under a year left on that contract.  So I now have to buy the contract out, which I found out on the weekend, is going to cost me $200. 


3 Responses to “The Saga of The “Missing” Fido………”

  1. Torontonian Says:

    Below is a copy of my letter to Fido:

    Congratulations! You’ve lost a customer — for life!

    What was my first “customer service” interaction with Fido? Being put on hold for 51 minutes and counting … before ultimately deciding to hang up the call.

    Question: How’s Fido’s customer service?

    It’s a trick question. Fido has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    This is really a congratulatory message for Fido’s so-called management. If my message actually ever gets read (which is not to be expected), I’m sure it’ll result in a zero response.

    But please remember:

    Not only have you lost a lifetime of business from me — but also a lifetime of business from my friends, family and colleagues.

    I found out that I’m not alone in my views on Fido. Please view the following pages:

    There are many other individuals’ testimonies as to how awful Fido truly is. And now mine can join the growing list.


    A. Lostcustomer

  2. @ Torontonian
    I completely agree with you. I have never had such poor customer service in my life. You best believe that as soon as my contract is up with them, for my cell next Feb, and hopefully I can last that long!! (with the way they treat their customers, it will be challenging) I will not be using them ever again.
    Thank for visiting.

  3. angus frederick Says:

    I called fido (small intended) t6o complain about another in a list of at least seven complaints worth being on hold for more than twenty minutes to discuss. But principal is everything right? Try TWO HOURS! Thurs July 31 0730-0930 pst. At first it said fifteen minutes which is a bit low I must say. But I had no idea that my speaker phone would be on for ninety minutes after I got tired of waiting. Still saying that it would be faster that re-dialing. HAH!
    OK I’m the sucker. a twenty dollar discrepancy after a fifty dollar discrepancy that the said they lost the records for(???). Gee how much more time(I finally gave up)m and money to straighten out only half of the minimum $100.00 in problems that THEY have created for me in the past eight months?

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