Flags Should Fly at Half Mast……

 Four Canadian soldiers were recently killed in Afghanistan, and while I agree with the government banning the media when their caskets arrived back in Canada, I still think flags should have been lowered to half mast.  Their families deserve the respect and honor…..those men DIED for their country.

 The federal government of Canada has made a decision not to lower flags to half mast, to honor Canadian Soldiers who have died while serving our country.  They are defending the decision by stating that before the Liberals were in power, flags were not drawn to half mast.  And that they are returning to an 80 year old tradition, remembering all soldiers that are casualties of war only on Rememberance Day ~ November 11.

Some critics are stating that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is following the lead of U.S. President George Bush, as he too has has done the very same thing during the war in Iraq.



2 Responses to “Flags Should Fly at Half Mast……”

  1. I do not take the share the same point of view. I also note that the 27 soldiers who died in Bosnia did not get this mass media “treatment” as the “new” tradition had not been instituted yet. Nor did the soldier who died in the jeep roll over in Quebec get the mass media treatment. What I believe is “scary” these days is the alarmist left wing rhetoric of the day and I say that with deep sadness because I’m am a card carrying NDP member. It seems to me that the media have deliberately fanned the flames of the current dissatisfaction with the election results by intruding in a ghoulish and entirely inappropriate way into the private affairs of the families burying their dead. It seems to me they have done so with the intent of stirring up even more left wing anti-Harper rhetoric so they can craft it into passing as news. We are at war (like it or not and I don’t like it one little bit, by the way) so ask yourself what will happen when the media tire of covering or shall I say “hyping” the funeral services of every soldier’s funeral who dies in Iraq? Now ask yourself where they were when the soldier was killed in a roll over in Quebec? If you’re open minded you may be able to catch a glimpse of the point I’m making. These are desperate times and I do not wish to see my left wing brothers and sisters pandering to the media and using opportunities like soldiers funerals to point fingers at Harper. Funerals for those who valiantly served should never be used as political tools. (1) In my opinion, our Canadian flag should be kept at half mast each and every day until my country is no longer at war. War is what we should be mourning and not individual deaths when the flag is lowered. (2) In my opinion, military funerals should be conducted privately for families and close friends only – no press allowed. (3) In my opinion, Remembrance Day is the appropriate day to honour each and every one of those who died in service for Canda whether they died in action or in an accident. (4) All soldiers who died in service of their country are to be honoured and respected on November 11th, and in my opinion a 2 minute break on Remebrance Day both precluded and followed by “business as usual” is an insult to our war dead. Moreover, it completely takes away from the desire to create lasting peace in the world. In my opinion, the entire day ought to be set aside for Canadians to pay their respect to all our fallen soldiers from coast to coast and to pray and plan for peace (no business as usual – no shopping – no school – just commemoration and contemplation.) Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to say what I feel.

  2. @timethief
    I thank you for your visit and for your comments, and apprieciate your opinion. I too do not like that fact that we are at war. I also agree with you that military funerals should be conducted in peace….away from the media, and also agree with the flag at half mast until the war has ended. I was not trying to state that these four soldiers deaths are any more important than any others, I was just stating the fact that people are dying for our country and these politicians have made the decision not to lower the flag…be it for them, or any other soldier that has died serving their country. I just found it to be disrespectful.
    Oh and just for the record I voted NDP, so we would probably have similar views on alot of issues. 🙂

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