12 Year Old Girl Charged With Murdering Family….

I don’t know what is going on with the world these days….

In Medicine Hat, Alberta a 12 year old girl and her 23 year old boyfriend have been charged with murdering a family. The news is reporting that she could have possibly met him online…in a chatroom. I have always had an interest with the criminal mind…what makes these people tick. It really baffles me as to what he could have possibly said to her, and the complete “hold” he must have had on her, for her to do such a thing. Neighbours are reporting that the family was a good family, quiet, they never seemed to have any problems. I know that sometimes things aren’t always the way that they seem…maybe something was going on in the house, that has not been uncovered yet, but the murder of two parents and a little boy should not justify that.

I am a mother of a 14 year old daughter, who, like alot of teens, is into chatting online with friends on sites like MSN Messenger and Nexopia. Recently we ( my bf and I ) have decided to try to get her to not spend so much time on those sites by having the computer password protected. Everytime we are finished using the computer….we log it off. The computer is also in the living room….she does not have a computer in her bedroom. Parents should be more vigilant with what their children are doing online….alot of kids these days have computers in their bedrooms..complete with web cams. That makes it so easy for preditors to pose as something they are not….get into the childs life….make them do things that they normally would not even think of doing.

This girls life is never going to be the same…she has been a part of killing 3 people…I am not making excuses for her..nor do I wish for any to be made…this, is just simply tragic.


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