I Think I May Have Just About Had Enough…..

Problems seem to be ongoing with my Vanshitty…..errr…I mean Vancity car insurance.  Once again they have taken their portion of my car insurance payment out early.  I can not seem to comprehend how this is possible….but my March Payment that was supposed to come out of my bank account on March 30, came out on March 28…..and now the payment that was supposed to come out on May 1, has been taken out on April 29.  I suppose to them a "direct payment plan" means absoutely nothing and that they can just go ahead and take money whenever the hell they feel like it.  The last time that this happened I was assured that it would not happen again, and the error was blamed on a computer glitch……well 2 times is too many, there are plenty of other insurance company's out there so I think I will just have to cancel and go elsewhere. 


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