Another Reason To Hate ICBC…..

On my drive into work this morning…I was following an older model Jetta for most of the way.  At first I thought the woman driving it must have been drunk, as she didn't stop for a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk and then swerved to avoid hitting him…..then I realized that she must have been learning how to drive a standard because she must have stalled the car atleast 7 times while we were stuck in rush hour traffic on the Lougheed Highway.  But really…that is no reason to almost mow down a pedestrian…I think she didn't want to stop in fear of stalling the car.

Anyway, thats not what shocked me…….what really amazed me is the fact that ICBC would actually insure such a P.O.S car.  That vehicle was definately not road worthy.  The front and rear bumpers looked like they were about to fall off…..the tires were all wobbilly….and the fabric that covers the inside of the roof was drooping down so that the woman could not even see out of her rear view mirror.  And the really scary thing?    She had a child's car seat in the back seat.

I have to pay extra for my car insurance because I drive a "sports car".  Come on people…I drive a 2 door Sunfire…it's no 45,OOO dollar sports car.  If car's like that Jetta are going to be allowed on the road there should be an extra fee on their insurance too….hmmm…..a P.O.S fee, that sounds like a wonderful idea.


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