Need Drugs? Just Ask Vancouver Mayor….


Sam Sullivan, the Mayor of Vancouver has admitted to Vancouver Police that he purchased crack cocaine for two addicts, before he became Mayor of the city. I have heard his views on the drug problem on the downtown eastside of Vancouver…but buying an addict my just adding fuel to the fire. If you want to help someone, particularly an addict, they first have to want to atleast want to help themselves, and they have to get away from that whole scene…including getting away from any and all people they know, that are involved in that lifestyle.

What a complete embarassment to the city. And we are hosting the 2010 Olympics? The same Mr. Sullivan was just in Torino, in front of the whole world accepting the Olympic flag? And now this? It will be interesting to see how the Vancouver Police handle this incident…and if they are lenient on the Mayor then what will happen to people in future who might be charged with the same offense? The Vancouver police….on the news, stated that they will not be giving special treatment to Mayor Sullivan…..yeah ok, we’ll see about that.


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