A Little Gym Etiquette Please……

gym.gif   I have been going to the gym…I would say , on average, 5 times a week.  Trying to lose a little weight for summer! It has occured to me that some people might not realize that most gym's do have a list of rules that they call "gym etiquette".  I have also noticed in the past few weeks that some people apparently think that they can do whatever the hell they want…..

~Wipe down machines after you have used them.  The gym I go to provides paper towels and cleaner…so there is really no excuse for not doing this.

~Do not walk in on a yoga class that is already in progress….you should have got there on time!!!!

~Try not to hog the machines….most times there is a time limit, 30 minutes, for example…..there could be other people that might want to use it, so go do something else for a bit….you can always come back later and use it again.

~This is not kindergarten, so there is no "savesies".  Do not leave your towel and water bottle on a machine, and then go use the free weights….how completely rude.

~While deodorant is obvously a good thing…..bathing in perfume or colone before you go to the gym is not.  It will only clog up your pores, then when you sweat, the whole freakin gym will reak with the sickly smell. 

~Try to have a little consideration of others….everyone PAYS to go there, so no one is anymore special than the other.

These are just a few that stand out in my brain….if you can think of any to add…..please feel free….


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