The Rising Price of Gasoline…..


Gasoline prices are through the roof….the "average" gasoline price in Vancouver today is at $1.20 per litre.  While this is shocking… really shouldn't be, there is not a never ending supply.  There will come a day when the supply will run out, or when it will become such a precious commodity that the price will be even higher than we could possibly fathom.

Car dealers are still trying to pimp their gasoline powered vehicles, offering free gas with a purchase.  Sales must be horrible.  Why would anyone even think of purchasing a gas powered vehicle at this point in time.  The only vehicles I could see be sold sold right now would be the Hybrids.

What I am wondering is when is the goverment going to address the issue regarding the gas tax?  Gas taxes make up as much as 38% of the total price at the pump, with GST being charged on that tax as well.  Basically….we are being taxed on a tax……that is completely ridiculous.  Send a message to the Canadian government to try to encourage them to make fuel prices more affordable.


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