Vancouver’s Other Fabulous Hockey Team…….


Last night Neil took me to go see a Vancouver Giants game. They are playing in the Western Hockey League Finals, against The Moose Jaw Warriors. It was the first game of the series, and Vancouver won 5-1. It was a really good game, and as I have stated before….for a not so expenive night out… is a good time, and you get to watch some great hockey.

Of course…as at pretty much any event you go to…..there is never a shortage of drunken idiots. We had an older couple sitting beside us to the left, who were drinking beer the entire game. Close to the end we could tell that the man was quite noticebly inebriated, and was starting to get annoying….yelling out at the top of his lungs…..”let’s kill em’…..squash them like a bug!!” Yeah….okay buddy….we are winning 5-1….and there is like three minutes left in the game….I think they already have. Then when they got up to leave his wife stumbled and tripped into me on their way out the aisle. The three guys who were sitting beside us to our right, said to each other….”okay, I wonder who is driving home?” I told them that we were jsut commenting on the same thing….and the scary thing is is that one of them most likely was going to get behind the wheel and drive home. But in any event it was a good game…..Go Giants Go!!!!


2 Responses to “Vancouver’s Other Fabulous Hockey Team…….”

  1. isnt it fantastic that Vancouver has a GREAT hockey team.

    GO Giants!!!!!

  2. @ talktheline
    I am a huge Canuck fan as well, and still support them 100%…even though they are not in the finals, but yes, the Giants are great, and are doing so well! Thanks for visiting!

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