The Tale of The Over Protectant Mother…..

We held a  Mother's day Contest at my work….kids were asked to draw a picture of their mother and send it in to our office.  The prize….an all day spa package.  Sound's great, I'm sure the prize was one that alot of Mother's would love. We got alot of entries, some very well drawn, others…..well….not so much, but hey, atleast they entered… try to win the gift for their mom.  I was the one who picked the winner…..which I did on Friday, and the results were published in the weekend paper….along with pictures of some the entries that we recieved.

Today (Monday) I get a call from an IRATE woman, wanting to know who was in charge of the Mother's Day Contest.  The person who was "in charge" of the contest was on another phone call, so I asked if I could take a message.  She wanted to know why her daughter's picture was not included with the picture's in the paper.  I told her that we recieved many drawings, and that they probably were not able to fit all of them in.  She then asks me, "well how do I explain that to a 4 year old little girl, that thinks that her picture was not good enough to be in the paper."

Well, gee, let me think……maybe by getting some parenting skills, you would be able to explain to her that obviously not every entry made it into the paper, but that her picture was still very good.  Maybe by not coddling your child so much, then she would not be acting in such a manner that you claim that she is. 

Geez……you can't even run a fucking Mother's Day Contest without someone phoning up and bitching.  But then if we didn't run a contest….people would call up and bitch about us not having one.  The funny thing is is that this little girls picture was drawn on thick red paper, making it hard for the people who work in production to scan it and for it to show up clearly in the newspaper.  That would be the reason why the picture didn't make it into the paper…..not that we thought that it sucked or that her picture didn't deserve to be included. 

Some people you just can't please….and now that it's all said and done….the picture wasn't really all that good…I'm glad that I didn't pick that picture….someone who calls up a company and has a hissy fit like that over the phone….about something so fucking petty….doesn't deserve to win.


2 Responses to “The Tale of The Over Protectant Mother…..”

  1. Well put. I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with the stupidity and lack of simple understanding of the morons of this world!

  2. @ doth
    LOL! No Doubt!! Thanks for commenting!

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