Be Accountable For Your Own Actions……


In August of 2005, a group of three youths were stopped in a stolen a SUV while driving in Burnaby, a police chase ensued after they fled in the vehicle.  After leading police on a chase through residential streets, the vehicle finally stopped, allowing the lead police car in the chase to pull ahead of it and block the only escape route.  The 18 year old driver of the stolen SUV then rammed the police car, pinning it up against a parked car on the side of the road.  While Officer Todd Sweet was able to get out of the police cruiser, his partner was trapped inside.  As the driver went to ram the police car again, Officer Sweet opened fire on the vehicle subsequently killing a 16 year old passenger travelling inside the stolen SUV.

The parents of the 16 year old, who was killed in this incident have now filed a lawsuit aganst Officer Sweet, claiming wrongful death.  This, to me is outrageous.  This officer was only doing his job, trying to protect the life of his partner, and anyone else who might have gotten injured during this incident.  Maybe their son should not have been travelling inside a stolen vehicle that was leading officers on a police chase.  Maybe he should not have been hanging around with the type of people who go around stealing cars….and then ramming them into police cruisers.  Maybe the parents of this 16 year old youth should file a lawsuit against the 18 year old driver of the stolen SUV, were it not for his actions on that day their son might still be alive.  There is no way in hell this officer should be responsible for causing the death of this youth, he was merely just doing his job.


2 Responses to “Be Accountable For Your Own Actions……”

  1. I totally agree with you. This mindset of taking no responsibility for ones action is widespread, and quite frightening.

    Thank you for the post.



  2. @ shirley
    Good to see I am not the only one who thinks people should be held responsible for what they do in life! Thanks for the comment and for the visit

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