If The Population Continues To Grow…Then There Must Be Change….

With all the growth that continues to happen here in the Lower Mainland, and I am sure in other parts of the world as well….change is forthcoming.

There are plans to improve some of the major thoroughfares in this city, and I personally think it is something that not only should be done….but absolutely NEEDS to be done.

I am sick and tired of hearing people bitch and moan in regards to their oppostion to these projects going ahead as planned. I know it is their opinion on the matter, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but then what do they propose we do about the the congestion problem in this area?
In Port Coquitlam there is a major overpass project in the works. The people who live in the particular area of where the proposed overpass will be, complain that they do not want the overpass in their neighbourhood.

With growth comes change. If we, as a community, are going to continue to grow ~ things must change, if brand new $600,000-$1,000,000 homes are going to continue to be built all the way up the side of the surrounding mountains, things must change. I don't like it as much as the next person, and personally I think the amount of people who live in this area is far too high…..but things must change. The current roadways in this area can not handle the amount of people who now currently live here, not to mention the people who will be moving into this area in the future.

If these people who moved to this proposed area thought that it would remain that way forever, then they were a little naive. The proposed site is not at some quaint, peaceful little intersection, it is located along a major highway in the Tri City area. I personally think that this will greatly help out a lot of the traffic concerns that have recently turned into a complete nightmare.

As for the twinning of the Port Mann Bridge as well as the building of the Golden Ears Bridge….the only thing I have to say on that would be…what took so long for this to even become a reality?


One Response to “If The Population Continues To Grow…Then There Must Be Change….”

  1. i am very entriged in what you are saying. does anybody now how we can help. plase can you let me no.
    thank you.

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