The Morning Commute…….

On the route that I travel every morning while on my way to work…..there is a fairly high possibility that I will get stuck in some morning rush hour traffic.  This varies from day to day….sometimes there is no traffic whatsoever…..and other days, well sometimes I get stuck for atleast 15 minutes.  I have come to expect this….it is just the way things are…….everyone travelling in the same direction at the same time trying to get where ever they are going.  This is the reason why I leave early every morning, to account for the possiblity that I will get caught in traffic.

This morning as we rolled slowly down the Lougheed Highway……some moron decideds that the shoulder is now a passing lane.  And while this is a) illegal  b) not very smart  c) not very safe…..he decideds that he is not only going to drive down the shoulder but drive down it doing about 70 to 80 km.  Nice! Oh how I were wishing that there would be a cop sitting by the Pitt River Bridge.  Many a mornings I have seen others do the exact same thing (mind you….not at the high speed that he was travelling)  and get busted by a cop.  Ha Ha Ha.  Really saved you some time then…huh?  I don't undersand why these people can't get up 10-15 minutes earlier, then they would not be in such a rush.


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