So I Guess They Are Pickin’ Favorites…….

On this blog, in previous posts, I have mentioned the problems that I have been having with the incompetent landlords that run the building that I currently live in.  Well, yet again, there is another problem…..

Last night, as I was making dinner, there was a knock at the door.  It was the man who lives below us.  He said that there was water dripping from their kitchen ceiling.  I had used the sink a few minutes prior to him knocking, but there was no water on the floor, and didn't seem to be any in the cupboard under the sink.  I told him that there must be a leak from one of the pipes, and that he should probably talk to the landlord about that.  I also told him about the problems that we have been having with our bathroom ceiling leaking, and that we have told the landlord atleast 4 times, and they do nothing about it.  So off he goes to talk to the landlord.

Approximatley 5-10 minutes later there was another knock on the door.  This time it was the landlord wanting to have a look at the kitchen sink.  So he has a look, and tells me that he wants to come back tomorrow (Thursday ~ today) to fix the problem.  HUH?  So I ask him…..what about our bathroom ceiling?  It has been leaking for months, and I have told you numerous times and you have done nothing about it!!  I then take him into the bathroom and show him the ceiling, which I might add, it has gotten considerably worse, and he tells me the same bullshit story about how the people upstairs are filling their bathtub too full and water is overflowing, and leaking through their floor.  I personally think that it is a leak from one of the pipes, but he tells me that there are no pipes where it is leaking.  I don't see how that is possible……their shower is directly above ours….there must be pipes leading to the shower faucets.  And the first time that I brought this problem to his attention…he told me that was something that he would have to fix after we moved out….meaning that the job would be too big to do while someone is living there.

So I have come to the conclusion that apparently some tenants get better treatment than others.  I do not know why this would be…..we pay our rent….we are good tenants.  So why are we not treated the same as the people who live below us?


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