Well, They’ve Managed To Do It Again…….

I have come to my wits end with Vancity.  Not only have I been having problems with them taking my insurance payments out of my account on the correct date, they have now processed a post-dated cheque that I wrote, 5 days before the date that was written on the cheque.

A lady who I work with had an  Epicure  party last Monday.  I ordered a few things at the party, like $40 worth of products, and wrote a cheque, post dated until May 15, for when I get paid.  Well I happened to log in to my bank account last night and realized that the bank had processed the cheque on May 10, even though the date writen on the cheque was clearly written for May 15.  They have also applied a nsf fee to my account, as the money was not in that account…because I was not expecting anything to be getting taken out on May 10.

I  called Vancity yesterday, but because my branch was not open at the time I called, I was told that nothing could be done until Monday, and that I would have to call my branch directly.  I don't know what the hell is going on with that bank, but ever since March…..I have had nothing but problems.  It has come to the point now where I am going to open a new account elsewhere and once all my direct deposits start to go into my new account…..I will close the Vancity one.  They obviously can't seem to keep track of dates and clearly do not give a shit about their customers.


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