The Mystery Of What Could Have Possibly Occured During 8:00 Pm and 8:00 Am…….

Last night at 7:45, my daughter called me asked asked if I could pick her up from her friends house, so that she could come home. I went and picked her up and parked my car in my parking spot when I got back, took my stereo faceplate out of my head unit, turned on my alarm and went into the building. This morning when I went outside to use my car, it was not in my parking space. Immediately I thought it had been stolen, and started to panic. Where could it have gone… was parked there last night….and now it is not there. I start to walk over to where my parking spot is…..thinking that maybe there might be some sort of clue as to where my car could be. I happened to look over to the right and there was my car…..parked in the middle of the road that runs along the side of my apartment building. The road, thankfully is not heavily travelled……and yes… car was parked right in the middle of the road…spanning right across the street. So I go up to it and look inside..the emergency brake is engaged, and everything looks normal inside. So I put my key inside the lock and go to open the door, when I realized…shit….my alarm, but it didn't go off when I opened the door. Everything seemed to be okay though, my stereo was still there, subs, amp…the only thing that was out of place was my handsfree earpiece for my cell phone. Usually I keep it in the console between the seats, but instead it was laying on the passenger floor. WEIRD! So either my car somehow rolled out of my parking spot and managed to park itself perfectly in the middle of the road without hitting anything, or someone moved my car. I can not see how the car could have rolled though….the emergency brake was still engaged, and I don't think it would end where it was…and that also doesn't explain my handsfree earpiece being on the floor.


2 Responses to “The Mystery Of What Could Have Possibly Occured During 8:00 Pm and 8:00 Am…….”

  1. Qwerty Maniac Says:

    Totally weird! Looks like someone got in, ran a lil, got bored and dumped it perhaps ?

  2. That’s what I’m thinking….but I have a pretty expensive stereo in my car..don’t know why they left that behind. Maybe someone came along and they get scared and just took off.

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